Is A Grain-Free Diet Better For Your Dog? 4 Reasons Why It's Probably Not

Several dog food brands claim that a grain-free diet is the healthiest and best diet for dogs. If you ask your vet, however, you will likely hear a different story. The grain-free trend is relatively new and did not originate in the veterinary community. Yet there is a ton of information out there saying that you should buy a grain-free product for your dog, and the argument is very convincing. But is it correct? Following are four reasons why a grain-free diet probably isn't the best diet for your dog. 

Most Dogs Need to Eat Some Grain

While it's true that most dogs require a diet that's rich in protein, they still need to eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables and whole, unprocessed grains. A diet that contains at least some portion of grains is recommended for a large percentage of the dog population. It's considered the healthiest diet. A grain-free diet can also damage your dog's kidneys, which is why it's not recommended for puppies. 

Only a Small Percentage of Dogs Are Allergic to Grain

A small percentage of dogs may be allergic to grain, but they are more likely to be allergic to one of the other ingredients, such as beef, dairy, wheat, chicken, or eggs. Those five ingredients are the top five ingredients in dog food that causes allergic reactions. What's more, even if your dog is allergic to one type of grain, it's not likely that they're allergic to all grains. 

Carbohydrates Are a Great Source of Energy

The carbohydrates found in grains are a great source of energy for you and for your pet. Your dog also gets carbohydrates from potatoes, peas, and other vegetables included in their food. 

A Vet Likely Wants Your Dog to Eat Grains

Grains are easier to digest and a vital food source for your pet. Unless your veterinarian tells you to avoid grains due to a severe allergy, you should continue to include them in your dog's diet. You can talk with a vet, like Elizabethton Veterinary Clinic, for more information.

As you can see, there are several reasons why a grain-free diet is probably not the best diet for your dog. Strive to feed your dog a diet that's high in protein, but make sure it has some grain in it too. Keep in mind that not all grains are created equal. Look for products that contain whole grains.