3 Excellent Uses For A Veterinary Ultrasound System

There are several different pieces of equipment that a veterinarian can use to help them care for different animals. One such piece of equipment is an ultrasound machine. This article is going to discuss 3 excellent uses for a veterinary ultrasound system.

Pregnant Animal

One excellent use for a veterinary ultrasound is for the pregnant females. An ultrasound can allow the vet to see if your animal is in fact pregnant, how far along they are, how many fetuses are inside of them, what position the babies are in, and more. This can be helpful at any point during the pregnancy, and can help ensure that your animal has a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery as well. Also, with the use of 3D and 4D ultrasounds, you can actually see what the animals look in in real view and watch them move around inside of your animal as well.


An ultrasound machine can be very effective at looking for tumors within your animal's body. Since tumors can be incredibly dangerous for your animal, it is very important that they are found, tested as to whether they are malignant or benign, and then treated accordingly. An ultrasound is a good initial option for looking for a tumor because it is going to be much more affordable than an MRI or a CT scan, and is going to be very effective. If a tumor is found, and is cancerous, then the ultrasound will be responsible for saving the life of your animal, when the cancer may have otherwise spread and killed them. 

Organ Issues

Whether your vet thinks that there is an issue with your animal's liver, kidneys, gallbladder, upper or lower intestine, or something else, an ultrasound is going to be a great tool to use when it comes to diagnosis. The ultrasound is going to give the vet a good visual of the organ, or other internal structure, and is going to allow them to see if anything looks abnormal. This can help them to either diagnose exactly what is wrong, help them eliminate what isn't happening, and/or can help them to move onto the next step of the diagnosing process. Also, because many of the ultrasounds are going to be portable, the vet can come to your home and help treat your animal when they are very sick, and traveling to the vet isn't going to be a good option. 

Keep this information in mind when you look for reasons to buy veterinary ultrasound systems.