Early Warning Signs Of Kidney Disease In Your Cat

When you own a cat, it's important to be aware of a few serious health conditions that can often affect this type of pet. Cats can encounter a variety of health issues throughout their lives, but one serious condition is kidney disease. Veterinarians can treat your cat's kidney disease in a few different ways, but it's important to catch this condition as early as possible. To be proactive, it's valuable for you to be aware of a few warning signs that can often indicate your cat could be developing kidney disease. Here are some warning signs to watch for.

Weight Loss

Many cat owners are concerned when they notice that their pet is gaining weight, but weight loss can also be an issue. This is particularly true if you aren't able to easily identify a likely reason for the weight loss—for example, changing the cat's food to a lower-calorie product. While there are several medical issues that can result in unexplained weight loss, this is often an early warning sign of kidney disease in your cat. You can often tell if your pet has lost weight by how it feels when you rub it. If you've noticed the cat getting skinnier, you'll want to visit your veterinary clinic.

Increase In Water Consumption

You probably have a good idea of how much water your cat drinks. Even if you don't always notice the cat drinking water throughout the day, you'll see when its water dish is empty and requires refilling. Depending on the size of the dish you use, you might be in the habit of refilling it once a day or once every two days, for example. A cat that is developing kidney disease will often drink more water, which means that you'll notice the pet's dish is empty more frequently. If this happens repeatedly, it can be a good sign that something is amiss.

Dry Fur

Dry fur is another potential early warning sign that your cat could have kidney disease. There are a few different ways to tell that the pet's fur is drier than usual. In some cases, the fur might simply feel dry when you touch it. In other cases, rubbing the animal could release more dander than usual, which can be another indicator of dryness. If your cat has dark fur, you might see dander on its fur at various times, which can also indicate that the fur is drier than it should be. Upon noticing any of these warning signs, contact your local animal hospital.