3 Excellent Uses For A Veterinary Ultrasound System

There are several different pieces of equipment that a veterinarian can use to help them care for different animals. One such piece of equipment is an ultrasound machine. This article is going to discuss 3 excellent uses for a veterinary ultrasound system. Pregnant Animal One excellent use for a veterinary ultrasound is for the pregnant females. An ultrasound can allow the vet to see if your animal is in fact pregnant, how far along they are, how many fetuses are inside of them, what position the babies are in, and more.

Your Dog's Been Bitten By A Snake, Here's What To Do And What Not To Do

Snakes often hide out in woodpiles, in high grass, around riverbeds, and in lots of other areas where your dog might go roaming around. This means that you need to be prepared for the possibility that your dog can get bitten by a snake. So if you take your dog for walks in the country, or you let them roam around your property and you live in a rural area, here are some dos and don'ts about dealing with a snake bite.

Have to Work Late This Coming Week? Make Dog Boarding Plans for Each Morning

Working a standard 9 to 5 means that you will get to see your dog for a decent portion of each day. If you wake up early enough, you should have enough time to take your dog for a walk, play with them, and feed them. The weekend makes it even easier to spend time with your companion because you do not have to worry about work. If you find out that you are going to be working much longer hours in the coming week, you should look at ways that you can prevent your dog from having to spend so much time alone in your home.

Spaying An Older Dog: What You Should Know

While it's best to spay or neuter a dog when they are still a puppy (before a female has gone into heat and sometime after the testicles drop in a male), there are circumstances where keeping a dog intact is the best decision until they are older. If you have a dog you are ready to get spayed, then here are some things you should know about the process so you can be prepared.

Is A Grain-Free Diet Better For Your Dog? 4 Reasons Why It's Probably Not

Several dog food brands claim that a grain-free diet is the healthiest and best diet for dogs. If you ask your vet, however, you will likely hear a different story. The grain-free trend is relatively new and did not originate in the veterinary community. Yet there is a ton of information out there saying that you should buy a grain-free product for your dog, and the argument is very convincing. But is it correct?